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Parent in Charge Responsibilities

Below are the Parent-in-Charge Duties for those Saturdays when you are assigned to help coordinate RHPC Meetings and Riding Schedules. Check the RHPC Calendar for your assigned date(s).

If you are unable to fulfill your assigned Parent-in-Charge assignment(s), please trade with another parent and inform the DC (Betsy Weiss).

Important Documents:


  • Receive email with riding groups and horse assignments from the DC the night before or get it off the RHPC bulletin board upon arriving. This riding information is also available on this website.
  • Fill in this Attendance Sheet from the emailed schedule.
  • Arrive by 7:30am (if the riding groups start at 8 a.m., if riding groups start at 9 a.m. come at 8:30)
  • Bring snacks, e.g., 2-dozen bagels, cream cheese (a mix of plain, egg, cinnamon raisin, everything is a good place to start) and 2 quarts of juice, hot chocolate mix plus napkins and knives. (Don’t need to bring cups, we have a lot at the barn).
  • Put the filled in Riding List/Attendance Sheet on RHPC bulletin board. Leave one copy there, take another to check kids in. All kids must sign in and sign out!
  • Tell the kids which horses they are riding and at what time. Ride times are in the email from the DC (and also posted on this website), and most of the kids know which horse they should ride. The DC, Judi or other person in charge at the barn can tell you which horses the kids should ride if they don’t know.
  • Collect $20 fee from the kids using school horses. (Checks should be made out to “Skyline Ranch” and left on Judi’s desk.) If in doubt, just ask the kids if they own or sponsor a horse. If not, they owe Judi $20.
  • Set up the meeting room. Clear off and wash tables, and gather chairs if needed.
  • Enforce timely beginning and ending of mounted sessions and dismounted lessons. There are generally four riding groups, starting at 8:00am on the hour. The schedule for dismounted lesson(s) varies.


Ensure kids do barn chores when they’re not riding, in dismounted lesson or caring for their horse. Kids must sign the attendance sheet indicating that they did a barn chore. Barn chores include (but are not limited to):

  • Organize the jail (lost and found, in the corner)
  • Pick up and put away brushes and school tack left on the floor
  • Clean school tack
  • Sweep the wash area
  • Sweep out the Pony Club room
  • Sweep the boarder’s tack room
  • Sweep out the grain room (important for controlling pests)
  • Clean up or enlist Pony Clubbers to clean up the meeting room, and put everything away.
  • Empty the garbage can in the Pony Club room.
  • File attendance sheet back in the “Attendance” folder on PC Board.
  • Rake the indoor arena (if all else is done)

There should always be a DC present to answer questions and provide support.